Yamada Lulu (ルル山田,Ruru Yamada) is a first Indonesian Vocaloid made by Moo Moo Cowbeam



She is Honest,straight,and smart young girl. She is a girl that is too smart for her 11 age. She is Nice and Creative girl. She is Intelegent,Generous,friendly,and also diligent girl. She always get a best rank from the 1st grader until now. She is a cute and sweet girl. She is also Gold hearted girl. She will play acrobatics and runs fast if she wear her headphones


She,Hiyama Kiyoteru ,and Kaai Yuki were released as "student" and "teacher" VOCALOIDs.


Yamada (山田) Means Mountain Rice Field.


Hiyama Kiyoteru : Teacher

Kaai Yuki : Friend



Her Uniform is same like Kaai Yuki . Her hair is Medium (sometimes Long) and brown,she tied in Side ponytails. Her eye color is Dark blue. Her shoe is black,and her socks is white and medium (sometimes Long). She has a black headphone,at the headphone,it has a monkey ear on it.