Misaki Yuto is a fanmade vocaloid created by Kiyastudios. She does not has a voicebank, therefore Misaki's voice is created by Kiyastudios' voice.


Misaki's name confusingly means "cape and hot water" since the creator did not know much Japanese. She is shy girl who oftenly spends her time alone because she can't get along with the other vocaloids very well. Misaki's only best friend is GUMI Megpoid. Her voice is strong though and almost sounds a lot like Rin Kagamine's voice. Misaki's character item is passionfruit.


Kiyastudios has created 3 appends for Misaki.

Gentle Append- A voice with soft and touching feeling.

Human Append- A human-like voice with flowing words.

Echo Append- A echo-ish voice with similarities of Gentle Append

Other InfoEdit

Headphones: It has two straps and each headphone speaker is different. One is a square with silver and green, the other is black with a mic attached to it.

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Red

Type: Powerloid

Model number: 0-X42

Race:American, Japanese

Nicknames: Yuto Misaki, Marise

Other counterparts: Misaki Shuen is the Heavy Metal counterpart of Misaki Yuto. Her name means " Cape of Demise"

Kiyastudios has recently updated Misaki's outfit. Her old look had a ponytail on top of her head, and her clothing is sometimes based off Yowane Haku (Ex: Pants) Her new look has similiarities to Gumi's outfit and Rin's. Her hairstyle is based off Yowane Haku only it's still brown. Kiyastudios added Magenta to Misaki's outfit color also.

Facts about KiyastudiosEdit

  • She also works on Hetalia fan-fics. She has canceled some fan-fics recently, but the one Kiya is focusing on is Heta-glow (which now is canceled)
  • She creates the first (if not) American vocaloids.