Masaoka Yoshiko  (正岡ヨシコ) is the upcoming Vocaloid By Dea Qonisa/Dea Kagamine.She dosent Related to Masaoka Azuki.


Her birthday is September 25th, and her blood type is B.[3]

Yoshiko is described as being Useful to others and positive.She's very open towards her feelings and tends to act first and think later. She is also cute and lovely, yet Creative Minded 12 year old girl.

Other InfoEditEdit

Yoshiko was illustrated by Dear Masaoka Junior (DMJ For short), thus having a moe style and rounded features characteristic of the illustrator . She has blonde hair and uses a blue exotic floral bun cover. Due to her background within the game, she is Often depicted in casual or school-related outfits. DMJ stated Yoshiko was created to be a "cute and lovely, yet Creative Minded 12 year old girl."She wears a pink and plain pijamas,white mini skirt and she wears a pink and long socks,she dont wear shoes because she ever said : “if I wear shoes,I’ll go crazy”. Her hair is down to her butt and its bonde.



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