Hinata Asawa (朝環日向,Asawa Hinata) Is a Fanmade Vocaloid made by Moo moo Cowbeam.



Hinata is a Deredere girl. Her outfit is just like Len and Lenka Kagamine ,but theres a little difference,Her Tie is shorter than Len,Her sleeve is Longer than Len,She wears skirt (Of course!),Also,She wears blue and Yellow croc sandals,Her hair is shorter than Lenka. So,people think she is like Len or Lenka,But in a younger age and have a few differences.She likes to play. Her favorite genre is Pop and classic. Jina's name means " Sunny place Morning Ring" and her item is a black Mango flavoured Candycane. She has a Bubbly Energy.Also,she is Playful,Cheerful,and childish (Like the author).She runs fast if she is Happy (Like the author).She is 13 (But acts like 12).Her Date Release is at 14th October,her birthday is 23rd April.


She will only get to have an appearance in the Headphone Piggy Mix animation.


Hinata Asawa was made to be the first Deredere character of the Headphone Piggy Mix.She has the voice of a Morning Angel.She has a Mini Cow that has a wing and it was around 13cm called Mimi Moo.

Other InfoEditEdit

Nationality: Japanese                                                                                                                                       Race: Morning Spirit                                                                                                                       Genderbend:Hikaru Asawa (Coming Soon!)