Himeka Asakawa (朝川ヒメカ,Asakawa Himeka)  is a Fanmade Vocaloid.  She has NO RELATION To Yu Asakawa ,Megurine Luka's Voice Provider. She is also a Fanmade Hetalia. At Fanmade Hetalia Wiki, She represents Indonesia's Capital,Jakarta.



She has a Black chest lenght hair and a Pink eyes. Her clothing is just like Male Hungary,but it had a diferrence: She wears white skirt,She sometimes wears a White Vocaloid sleeve,Her REAL Sleeve is Rolled,and she has a Star badge.


Name Origin

Himeka/ヒメカ literally means Princess' song. and Asakawa/朝川 means Morning River.



She is a Feminine Girl Unlike Kirana. She is a Patient,Soft and Polite spoken young lady like Kirana. She dosent really like to sing. She is also Cool,calm,and Collected. She never get being Moody. She Is also Shy if she meets someone new..


Relationships (Hetalia)


He is a Brother Figure to Himeka,She always call him Onii-chan and England always protecting her. And she thinks that England's food is Very good and Sometimes she teaches Him to cook. Himeka also scared when she sees England is Drunk.


Actually,Spain has a Big crush on her. He doesn't like it if Himeka is talking with another guy,He always thinks that"Himeka is mine" But Himeka Dosent know that. He will be a Yandere if Himeka  is Close with another guy.


Himeka thinks that he is a Silly Friend and he is the one that introducing Himeka to  Cyprus' Brother (You know him,right?).

Northern Cyprus

Actually,He always if he talks to Himeka and his face always being Red. On the other hand,He teaches her how to do some things,like a teacher.

Puteri Kirana

They were best friends since kindergarten. They love to share things. Himeka always goes to Her house,and Kirana always goeas to Himeka's House. They like help someone in need. They also study together exept on exams. They always been in a same class and they were deskmates.

Relationships (Vocaloid/UTAUloid)

Megurine Luka

She is a Older sister to Himeka. Like Miku,She is big fan of Luka and the contrary,Luka is a Big fan Her.

Hatsune Miku

She is Miku's Big Fan,and the contrary,Miku is also big fan Of Himeka.


  • She is 14 years old
  • She is born in 2nd February