Haruka Jinsei is the upcoming vocaloid after Misaki Yuto created by Kiyastudios.


Haruka is a quiet girl who doesn't talk too much. Her favorite genre is Pop and has plans to sing some pop songs. Her closest friend is Jina Makuro. (another upcoming vocaloid) Haruka's name means "Far away lives" and her character item is a katana.


Every Powerloid has the same appends: Gentle, Human, and Echo.

Other InfoEdit

Headphones: One strapped Head phone with wings on each speaker.

Hair color: Blonde with a streak of sky blue.

Eye color: Sky Blue

Type: Powerloid

Model number:1-X42

Race: American, Japanese

Nicknames: Jinsei Haruka

Other counterparts: Haruka Bochione is the Heavy Metal counterpart of Haruka Jinsei. Her name means "Far away cemetery music"

Haruka's outfit is still to be worked on. It will start when Misaki Yuto is finished.