Chane Remon (レモン茶音,Remon Chane)  is the final upcoming voiceloid created by Dea Kagamine. This will be the last Voiceloid ever created.


Remon is a Dandere girl. She Lonely and dosent like to talk to you at first,but if you be her friend,she will be nice and friendly (but becarefull,she will give a prank on you! XD ). Her favorite genre is Pop and Classic, and wishes to become a Voiceloid one day. Jina's name means "Tea sound Lemon" and her character item is a fresh,cold Lemon Tea.

Other InfoEditEdit

Headphones: Remon doesn't wear headphones.She only wears it when she sing.

Hair color: Green and she tied it with a low medium pigtails

Eye color: Green

Type: Voiceroid

Model number: SV-01

Race: Singaporean

Nicknames: Remon,Remon-senpai,Remon Onee-san (Sometimes Onee-chan),Remon-Kun,Remon-chan


Ocha Chane:Older brother

Orenji Chane:Older twin brother

Momoka Chane:Younger sister

Tsukuyomi Ai :Younger Cousin

Tsukuyomi Shouta :Younger Cousin