Aoi Mizu (青いみず) Is a Fanmade Thai Vocaloid made by Moo Moo Cowbeam



Her birthday is July 1st, and her blood type is B.

Mizu is described as being Useful and positive. She's very open towards her feelings and tends to act first and think later. She is also Open Minded and smart. She can Speak any Language. She is a Cheerful girl with a bubbly energy.



Headphones: White Head phone with a Mic on it and a Pink light on it .

Hair color: Bright Green.

Eye color: Light blue

Type: Thailoid (Thailand Vocaloid)

Model number: T-01

Race: Thai

Nicknames: Ao Mizu,Aoi,Ao,Aoi Mizu,or Mizu

Outfit: Same like Yuno Gasai,but she wears a Dark blue Ribbon,a Light Blue socks,and she wears sleeveles shirt. The color of the shirt,and the skirt were light Blue.