Ami Indoneshiako debuted and Created at 26th January 2014, Her name comes from the phrase "あみインドネシア" (Ami is a Indonesian girl). She was born on June 22nd,2002



She wears a white long sleeved jacket witha blue veil and a pair of jeans. She also wear a white Sneakers. She is a Indonesian girl with a Arabic Accent.


She is Stated as a Tsundere (Well,Not To Tsundere..) Gamer and Otaku. She is from a Rich Family,but she dosent Like to brag. She's good cook. She is also Nice. She also described as being positive.She tends to Think first and act or say later.


A Vocaloid derivative character, but notable in that her songs were actually sung by a real person and modified to sound like synthesized vocals, so they were similar in sound to a Vocaloid. The name was created because she thought her neighbors would say she was Cute.

Voice configurationEditEdit

Ami's voice came from a human amateur singer who digitally altered her recordings to produce a Vocaloid-like effect. Whatever equipment or programs that were used to produce this effect were never revealed by the singer.